ROTEX manufacturer‘s warranty

We are delighted that you have chosen a ROTEX product and wish you much enjoyment in its use.

We constantly endeavour to maintain the quality of our products at the highest level and to eliminate any risk of defects or malfunctions in our products. It is therefore our promise to you that our products are free of manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. We underline that promise with an express warranty, as shown in the following table.

To take advantage of this warranty, send us your completed proof of installation and instruction or screed drying log [Germany]. The warranty begins on the date of installation of the product, which may be up to 6 months after its purchase from ROTEX (from date of invoice). It applies only to appliances installed by accredited contractors. Proof of the start of the warranty period is provided by the purchase invoice or the contractor‘s installation invoice.

Your rights under any statutory warranty are neither limited nor revoked by our express warranty.

If, contrary to expectation, a fault of material or workmanship should arise during the term of the warranty, the defect will be remedied free of charge by the ROTEX factory service department, a ROTEX system partner or a company engaged by ROTEX. Repairs by the customer or by a company engaged by the customer are only admissible upon consultation with ROTEX. It is at the sole discretion of ROTEX whether to remedy the defect by repair or by replacement of the faulty appliance.

Services performed under the warranty do not under any circumstances give rise to an extension of the warranty for the product.

The warranty covers only defects of material and workmanship. It shall be rendered void by improper installation, inadequate maintenance, incorrect operation, or the use of unsuitable fuels or operating fluids. To preserve the validity of the warranty, all installation and maintenance work must be carried out by an accredited contractor and must be documented in the operating manual accompanying the product. The installation or integration of parts which are not approved by ROTEX shall also void the warranty. Wearing parts are fundamentally excluded from the warranty.

The warranty shall not establish any entitlement beyond the remedying of defects free of charge, such as the payment of damages. An exception applies to underfloor heating systems (see expanded product warranty in the product documents).

If, in order to remedy a defect, the customer is given a product free of defects as a replacement, ROTEX may request that the defective product be returned. The defective parts must then be sent back within two weeks in accordance with the ROTEX return delivery conditions. Please always report any warranty claims through your contractor.

This warranty conditions are valid from 01/09/2016 and replace all previous published warranty conditions.


Product groupProductROTEX manufacturer’s warranty
General warrantyAll products2 years
Heat generationHeat pumps
HPU hybrid
HP compressor
A1 boiler bodies3)
GCU compact
5 years1) 2)
5 years1) 2)
5 years1) 2)
15 years1) 2)
5 years1) 2)
SolarCollector5 years
Heat storageSanicube & HybridCube
US 150
3 years
3 years
3 years
Heat distributionUnderfloor heating tube
Floor tiles
10 years1)
10 years1)
Tanks for fuel oil and rainwatervariosystem
5 years1)
5 years1)
Safety tankvariosafe15 years
Spare PartsAll1 year


1) After the first two years the warranty shall be limited to free of charge replacement of faulty parts.

2) The warranty period for any integrated control units, pumps, valves and burner surfaces is always two years

3) The stated warranty periods apply to corrosion damage on all A1 condensing boilers whether new or sold at some time in the past.




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