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ROTEX complete product range

The complete heating system

Energy-efficient heating systems for new-built and modernisation

The complete ROTEX heat pump product range

Create the right atmosphere – with renewables

ROTEX air-to-water and ground source heat pumps for new build and modernisation.

ROTEX air-to-water heat pump powered by Bluevolution

The new heat pump generation

Air-to-water heat pump powered by Bluevolution: Highest performance and efficiency

ROTEX air-to-water heat pump

Four seasons – one feel-good climate

Cosy warmth in winter, refreshing coolness in summer. The versatile ROTEX HPSU compact air-to-water heat pump reduces your heating costs to a minimum.

ROTEX air-to-water heat pump

Simply renewable

The HPSU monobloc compact air-to-water heat pump for external installation offers comfortable heat in winter and gentle cooling in summer

ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump

A strong team

The new ROTEX HPU hybrid gas hybrid heat pump always selects the most favourable heating mode automatically.

ROTEX ground source heat pump

Natural geothermal energy

ROTEX HPU ground – the ground source heat pump that heats with free geothermal energy. Compact, environmentally responsible and uniquely efficient.

ROTEX gas condensing/solar combination

Compact and efficient

The gas condensing/solar combination GCU compact by ROTEX offers outstanding heating convenience and maximum water hygiene on a very small footprint

ROTEX wall mounted gas condensing boiler

Warmly recommended: efficient, safe, economical

ROTEX GW smart / GW top wall mounted gas condensing boiler

ROTEX oil condensing boilers

Advanced oil heating system

The ROTEX A2 oil condensing boiler with a large modulation range

ROTEX thermal store ROTEX solar system

The perfect duo

Hygienic, comfortable and efficient. ROTEX thermal store and ROTEX Solaris solar thermal system for hot water and heating

ROTEX underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems for new build and modernisation

Regenerative heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. ROTEX underfloor heating systems provide year-round comfort.

ROTEX variosafe

Double sealed – safe and environmentally friendly

The ROTEX variosafe safety oil tank. Compact, odourless and ready for Bio-Oil.

ROTEX variocistern

Saving money on rainy days

Use rainwater efficiently and save costs. With the ROTEX variocistern rainwater storage tank.

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